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Are the Youths Leaders of Tomorrow?

Updated: May 26

We’ve all heard of the old saying, “Don’t be a follower, be a leader.” Dealing with young people, I often add a second phrase,” but a leader must have a lead to follow.”

What makes a true leader? Is this generation of young people prepared to take the lead of a movement that stands for positive impact? Many are doubtful, believing our children are too distracted with pop culture, video games, and reality shows to have a clue.


The most successful movements were organized by the youth. The civil rights movement was a youth movement. Many of the historical stands against biased policies were initiated by college students.

Today’s young generation has lost their way by being partakers of dangerous trends.

These dangerous trends have lured them away from positive and more productive activities that would nurture good leadership skills. We are experiencing an alarming rate of violence, racial abuse, and social injustices recently.

Personal Improvement

I am often surprised at how very few young people read newspapers, magazines or even watch the news on television. Many are disconnecting themselves from the real world. Subsequently, this generation is becoming gratified by not paying attention to what is relevant and important to the world.

watching and reading various news sources, paying attention to international, national, regional, and local events keeps the mind sharp. It also enhances critical thinking and analytical perception. This will also help a person detect the nonsense and deception that could mislead youth.

During a recent life skills session for youth, I asked the group that consisted of about 20 young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 to give me a current event. I barely received a suitable response, which exposes how to disarticulate some of today’s youth are.

What Do We Do To Transform Our Youth Into Leader?

What do we have to do to transform today’s youth into leaders? If you are a young person, are you prepared to assume a leadership role that brings about change?

With the state of our young people being what is, we are in great need of young and passionate leaders who want to embrace positive change. That role may take the simple form of taking a stand against discrimination or cyberbullying on campus. There are plenty of movements that need energy and support.

Besides formal organizations, students can equip themselves with knowledge through formal education and personal study. Parents can also contribute by providing stimulating materials and initiating discussions on current events and issues. The youth should come to realize themselves through self-realization through mentorship and councelling.


The more we can encourage the youth to develop critical and analytical skills, the more reasons we have to be optimistic about the future, regardless of how challenging things appear to be now. Coaching has become the most useful tool to assist individuals to gain tremendouse outcomes.

If you find my post useful or you have any question do not hastate to ask and I am here to answer your questions as much as I can

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