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I provide a step-by-step solution to challenging situations

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My name is Bibian Okoye RN, RM & PGDIHM, and a Life Coach. I am a mother of five lovely children and a caring husband. The owner of Gabeaffiliate group, youth Mind Coach, dietary supplement store and family coach to wealth.

I have transformed hundreds and thousands of people globally reaching more than 25 countries. I have worked as nurse and midwife for so many years and I managed an allied medical centre as a chief Nursing Officer for two years before I traveled abroad.

I have worked with some international organizations like USAID, and to carry out certain research on Maternal health mobility, Vit D deficiency in children, Breast feeding. I worked for USAID/GHAIN as a Counsellor in the Management of HIV/AIDS.

I Formed a Community Based Organization where the small business owners contribute and borrow money for their business. This functioned for only ten years due to my transfer to a new place of work and the death of my secretary. Currently, I am Life Coach, and an Online Marketer.

About me:

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