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Reason for Coach

A. To bring financial, emotional, health, relationship transformations to families.
B. Digital knowledge to your doorsteps.
C. Assist you to write your own Book and design the back cover.

Bibian Okoye- Mindset and family Coach, Author of _Recapture You Family Mindset_

Bibian Okoye is a Mindset Transfomation and  LifeCoach she  has transformed  hundreds and thousands of people globally reaching more than 25 countries.

Bibian is experienced in her field having worked with many highly reputable international organisations like USAID, GHAIN and Family International during their research on Maternal health mobility, Vit D deficiency in children, Importance of Breastfeeding in children. She also worked as  a Counsellor in the Management of HIV/AIDS. She is always concerned about people and wants everyone to live a happy life. Her desire to make every family comfortable led her into creating a  Community Based Organisation where the small business owners contribute and borrow money for their business. This single act promoted lots of small business people into a greater outcome in their business and sure brought comfort and happiness to them as well.

Desire to help people also led her into joining coaching program where she will be able to enspire more people into achieving their ultimate success in life.

Meet Bibian Okoye

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The 90 days Incredible you Training

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We help individuals who are stuck in every area of their life. We believe that Unity brings success and wealth to the family. We assist families who are stuck in their marriages, health, relationship, career, spiritual life.

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5 weeks coach to fortune foundation

In these five weeks, you are going to learn:

who you are, learn what stops your progress in life, How to rewire your thing, How to reach a successful outcome. You will learn all these free.


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